The Gonebusy app for Slack allows you to create and manage Google Calendar events entirely within Slack – along with extras like automatically sync'ing your Slack status with your Google events.

Slash commands

The /gonebusy slash command is the main method for getting things done:

Create a meeting with just a few words:
/gonebusy book Coffee with @samantha tomorrow

View your schedule for the week:
/gonebusy this week

A quick shortcut for only today's upcoming events instead of typing /gonebusy today :

Manually set your Slack status with:
/gonebusy status Out to lunch for 1hr 

Slash commands always respond to you privately so no one else will see what you're requesting.

For a full list of commands, you can always get help in Slack via /gonebusy help  or read about our Features.

Your preferences

Need to setup automatic Slack status sync?  Or looking to setup a default conference call URL other than a Google Meet link?  You can find all of your preferences with /gonebusy prefs 

Getting help

/gonebusy help  is a good place to start with commands.  Click on "Quick Slack Tour" for tips and tricks at your own pace.

/gonebusy help book  will show you specific help about the book  command and works with any other command as well.


/gonebusy feedback  will pop open a dialog where you can send us a lengthy message - or - if you have something quick, you can just send it right away with /gonebusy feedback something quick 

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