Slack has built a rich ecosystem of apps and functionality for its users, thereby creating multiple options for how to interact with Gonebusy.  

Each of the options behave the same way with respect to how Gonebusy will respond to commands but there are some notable differences.

Slash command 

Use the /gonebusy  slash command if you would like to see a private response that only you can see.  This approach also offers the benefit of not having to invite the @gonebusy  bot into a channel.

Talk to the @gonebusy bot

If you've invited @gonebusy  to a channel, you can talk to the bot directly.  This can be useful if you would like everyone in a channel to see the interaction.  Please Note: inviting a bot into a channel means that Slack will send every message sent in that channel to the bot for possible interaction.

Interact with the Gonebusy app via DM

If you look in the side bar in Slack where channels are found - and scroll down to Apps - there is a DM channel named gonebusy that is solely for interacting with the app.  In this channel, everything you say will be treated as a command so there's no need to use /gonebusy or @gonebusy to address the bot.

To summarize

All of the following interactions will produce equivalent results:
/gonebusy this week
@gonebusy this week
this week (in DM with gonebusy )

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