/gonebusy status  lets you quickly set your status message, emoji, a time to clear your status, as well as a channel to notify with your update.

Here's some examples:

/gonebusy status On a call 🚫 – will set your status message to On a call and your emoji to 🚫 indefinitely.

/gonebusy status Out to lunch for 1hr  – will set your status message to Out to lunch  and will be automatically cleared in 1 hour.

/gonebusy status clear – will immediately clear your status message and emoji.

Notify a channel about your update

After a successful status update, Gonebusy will ask if you would like to notify a public channel with your updated status:

"Would you like to post your updated status to a channel? 

Your choices are:
Choose channel  – A dialog will appear, asking which public channel to notify with your updated status.
Not now  – Skip notifying right now.
Don't ask again – Gonebusy won't ask you again for a channel to notify.

If you decided to choose a channel, Gonebusy will then ask if you would like to save that selection for all future status updates.

You can always clear your saved channel selection via the Preferences tab on your User dashboard on the Gonebusy website, quickly accessible via /gonebusy prefs .

Here's everything you can say:

/gonebusy status <your status> [:<status emoji>:] [for <duration> | until <time>]
/gonebusy status clear 

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