View your Preferences via /gonebusy prefs and double-check that Keep Status Synced with Google is Enabled.  You will be prompted to grant Gonebusy access to your Google Calendar account as well as permissions to modify your Slack profile (your status is part of your Slack profile).

Once enabled, any time a Google Calendar event gets started your status message and emoji will reflect the type of event.  We match on certain keywords (uppercase/lowercase doesn't matter) in the event title as follows:

"do not disturb", "dnd"  – Do Not Disturb 🚫
"out of office", "ooo"  – Out of Office ⭕
"vacation", "pto"  – On Vacation 🏖
"working from home", "wfh"  – Working from Home 🏠
default – In a Meeting 🗓.  If you have a Slack :emoji: in your event name, that will be used instead of the spiral pad.

Your status should automatically clear at the end of the event.

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