When no command is provided, Gonebusy is setup to show your upcoming events by default:
/gonebusy next week
/gonebusy January 

Of course, you can always provide the view  command explicitly:
/gonebusy view tomorrow
/gonebusy view this friday 

Special command for Today

Since viewing your daily schedule is so common, Gonebusy offers a slash command solely for that purpose:
/today – will show only your remaining events for today

If you're in the middle of a meeting right now or coming up within 15 minutes – that has a video conference or other URL associated – you'll be given a button to Join Meeting whenever you're ready.

Filter by meeting or Calendar name

Tack on the name of a meeting or Calendar in order to return only related events:
/gonebusy this week Retro
/today on-call 

Here's everything you can say:

view [day of week | date | date range | notion of time | etc...] [name filter]

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